Ms Towns teacher exemplar of systematic body of work using a range of media and methods

Ms Towns 'how to' demos and other methods: go to you tube link below to see more videos - subscribe if they are helpful as she posts videos every week.

Painting techniques: click the description on the terms for an indepth explanation

Colour Ideas:



Key Conventions NZ painters

How to paint:
Artist videos:
John Reynolds:

Shaun Tan 'The Lost Thing' trailer

Matt Couper - Real Art Roadshow

Gretchen Albrecht

link to Hotere/Realartroadshow below.

also check out the one below

Check out Shaun Tan, link below:
Check our Hayley King's [[#|work]], below is her webiste:
Check out the site below for some contemporary NZ figurative artists:
link to the cutout text artist we looked at below
link to Reuben Paterson below:

Painting techniques:
Water colour

Negative space and wet on wet
Painting fantasy figure with acrylic
Links to artists:
Check out here for internal exemplars for Vanitas still life: annotated - NB this is an INTERNAL not the folio boards
Check out these artists
take a look at the [[#|link]] to this [[#|amazing]] artist Shaun Tan,
And Tim Burton
Check here for external examples(folio boards)
Check out here for internal exemplars for Vanitas still life: annotated -
I have created a 'lino' [[#|account]] and will [[#|make]] a few pages on artists models for your [[#|information]]. The first one created is about artist Madeline Beadsley (on splash page of Yr 12 Art) You could do your artist research using lino and print it!

Negative space painting