Renaissance to artists/designers/architects/engineers/mathmatics/ and the link to contemporary art_

lab surveys ( see links below)
Photo manipulation site:

e-tools for employing and learning about elements and principles of Art/Design/Craft
more e-tools for learning elements of art/design
A link for all students and staff to a site which has a number of [[#|free]] [[#|software]] packages you can [[#|download]].
how to build an app tutorials - make money out of your creative thinking using e-skills
Do you know your personality type? try this test - it can be really useful to know how you process information
Do the Vark Learning [[#|quiz]] to find out your unique learning style. Don't forget to read the help-sheets to find out your preferences and most effective knowledge retaining methods
who inspires you? Sir Ken Robinsons story below
see link below to see links between art, technology and science (click down link bar on side of splash page on this site)
[[#|Download]] Gimp if you need a photoshop type programme at home: it is [[#|free]]!

learning & teaching site
Check out how artists [[#|work]] and think:
Science & art
below is a [[#|great]] site to create mindmaps, use it for 'dumping ideas' for projects
You could do your artist research using linoit and print it or send me the link!
Cool websites: Typography Typography AWESOME for EVERTHING!! Design blog Skateboard designs Skateboard Designs Design blog Logo Websites Design blog Design blog Minimalist Typography Awesome contemporary Design blog Website Design Design blog Blog – Art, Photography, Design, Fashion etc Magazine Design Design blog – quite minimalist in focus Design blog (very cool) has links to a lot of these Design blogs etc
Our Art trust paintings on pdf - with information about each artist

Below are useful links;
3D modelling [[#|software]]:
do you have an android device? try this little [[#|app]] out for sculpting:
and this one is a [[#|great]] one for sketching:
make your own interactive art:
make your own Jackson Pollock
This is what Flox's multimedia work looks like:
for researching art and artists
make your own superhero comic
links to contemporary NZ artistsd
Textures for photoshop designers:
online jigsaw puzzles:
create your own online portfolio:
Save your documents and upload to Google Drive to work on them both at school and at home: see the link below to find out how:
you can create your own process using dipity - an [[#|online]] [[#|program]] for making timelines and flowcharts
or here:
and a new website:!home/mainPage
If you are in an Art class you can [[#|join]] our facebook page