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Scholarship examples
Check out the link for information about a good sound exploration and folio board:

See below for clear intentions/use of principles and elements - i.e. composition shape etc,/ artist model/purposeful exploration/systematic/regenerates

Hyperlinked document of Top Art Folios

About the renaissance facts and information

Timeline of Developments in Art

A video 'connecting artists with mathmatics/architecture/design/engineering/philosophy

How 'academia' affected art spaces -
an artists exploration of narrative and transposition in context - Kehinde Wiley

Look for 'symbols' that represent either you or your interests or what you want to 'say' with your work after having a brief look through the unit of work and the example of student work at the bottom of this page.

Holiday Homework Term 2

Website for Artist studies (like pinterest)


Drawing methods 3.2
Internal Assessment (4 credits)
Excellence, Merit & Achieve examples
Systematically clarify ideas 3.3
Internal Assessment ( 4 credits)
Excellence, Merit & Achieve examples
Integrate & Regenerate in Body of work 3.4
External Assessment (14 credits)
Excellence, Merit & Achieve examples

Transposition in Art
Narrative in Painting - examples and explanation
Top Art Painting Boards
MIND MAP - Generating ideas.jpg
Use above 'Combined imagery pdf to inform your decisions for final two A3 works on Board 1
See boards below - try and find the Artist models this student has used in their work - who was the artist on Board 1? Board 2? Board 3? How has this student used transposition and narrative? What do you think this student is saying with the contemporary symbols?