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Transpose - definition of transpose by The Free Dictionary

1. to change or reverse the relative position, order, or sequence of; interchange: to transpose the letters of a word. 2. to transfer or transport. 3. to write or perform (a musical composition) in a different key.
narrative noun a spoken or written account of connected events; a story "a gripping narrative"

account, story, tale, chronicle, history, description, record, portrayal, sketch, portrait, statement, report, rehearsal, recital, rendering
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Resources to help you unpick the standards and identify key termsArtist models and the terms they have focused on in their work

Your assessment standards and criteria

Homework Task Term 2 (Board 2)
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Achievement Standard Documents

This year you will have the opportunity to complete 2 Internal Achievement Standards (each worth 4 credits) and 1 External Achievement Standard (worth 12 credits)

Drawing methodspaint 2.2
Internal Assessment (4 credits)
Excellence, Merit & Achieve examples
Develop ideas in paint2.3
Internal Assessment ( 4 credits)
Excellence, Merit & Achieve examples

Body of work2.4
External Assessment (12 credits)
Excellence, Merit & Achieve examples
Narrative Artwork - powerpoint