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Level 1 ART 2017



Task sheets for board 1:Task 2 11052016091416-0001.jpgExample bug & vector sheet.jpg
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Board 2 Task 1 & 2

Achievement Standard Documents

Links below are for examples of moderated student work from NZQA

Drawing methods 1.2
Internal Assessment (4 credits)
Excellence, Merit & Achieve examples
Drawing conventions 1.3
Internal Assessment (6credits)
Excellence, Merit & Achieve examples
Body of work 1.4
External Assessment (12 credits)
Excellence, Merit & Achieve examples

Key terms for folio boards: Tone, scale, mark, line, pattern, colour, texture, shape, repetition, composition,: negative space, scale, texture, shape, space, colour, layering, overlapping, cropping - 3D terms, can be but not limited to: weave, layer, twist, fold, bend, roll.,

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